The Pebble Mine will poison
Bristol Bay and Alaska’s future

You can help stop it

Wild sockeye salmon spawning at Lake Iliamna in the Bristol Bay watershed.

Bristol Bay is the lifeblood of Alaska. Home to the world’s largest wild sockeye salmon run, the bay provides tens of thousands of Alaskan jobs and feeds Americans from coast to coast. Its pristine waters have sustained the Indigenous peoples of the region for millennia, and each year tens of thousands of anglers and visitors from around the world are drawn to its extraordinary beauty and abundance.

Our Economy,
Salmon, and Way of
Life are at Stake

Bristol Bay’s regional economy generates $1.5 billion annually from commercial fishing and supports 14,000 fishing jobs. Credit: K Raymond

If built, the foreign-owned Pebble Mine will poison Bristol Bay, weaken Alaska’s economy, and threaten our way of life. Despite this, the project continues to move forward.

Pebble Mine is wrong
for Bristol Bay

Geamana village flooded with wastewater from mining, Romania, taken in May 2019.

You can help stop Pebble Mine.